Project Name

List of group members
Member 1


Write a short paragraph describing the project.


Describe the project in more detail, give some background.

Design Specifications

List the design requirements and specifications in detail.

Design Concepts

Describe potential/considered designs in this section.

Design Concept 1

Give a description of each concept alongside schematics and other drawings.

Design Concept 2

Design Concept 3

Concept Evaluation

Design Overview

Give a brief description and schematics of the final design. Divide into as many subheadings as needed for organization.


Describe the three types of analysis performed on the design. Use equations and schematics as needed.

Engineering analysis 1

Engineering analysis 2

Engineering analysis 3

Bill of Materials

Part Drawings


Assembly Instructions

Include as many descriptive pictures as possible.

Implemented Design

Include pictures of the final product.

Summary and Conclusions