Desk and Mouse Device

Sean Gilbert
Ashley Jaeger
Chase Ray
Dustin Ryion


Our project is to improve a workspace and computer mouse that can be controlled by mouth for an elderly woman who only has mobility from the neck up.


On Thursday, September 8, 2011, we met with our project contact, Ms. Smiley. The issues seen were non-user friendly devices, including a mouth piece that is hard to control, an unmanageable workspace, and a cumbersome mouse. As it is, she cannot use the shift and controls keys on her keyboard as well as drag the mouse. The holder for her mouthpiece is unsturdy and at an uncomfortable height for placing and picking up the mouthpiece. Also, anytime her table/workspace is moved, all of the components have to be put back exactly like before. In addition, the workspace is difficult to move. We intend to improve these devices so that they are accessible and easy to use.

Design Specifications

-Be controlled only using the woman's mouth.
-Accessible using only slight movement of the neck.
-Laptop and mouse at an adjustable angle.
-Holder that holds and makes the mouthpiece easily accessible.
-Workspace must be easily mobile.

-Be able to use the shift and controls keys.
-Be able to drag the mouse.
-Be able to accomodate more of her needs (ex: extra mouth pieces, phone holder, remote holder, etc.)
-Workspace that is easily broken down and put back together.

Design Concepts

The workspace includes several components, including the desk and devices for Ms. Smiley's cell phone, remote, laptop, mouse, and mouthpieces. For each component we have provided different designs.



The table is a must have for Ms. Smiley. Each of the three table top designs were considered, but an angled design could become problematic as the range of motion for her neck is limited.

Laptop & Mouse Devices

Both devices will be created using the same concept; the only difference is in dimensions. Concept ideas similar to pool chairs.

Cell Phone & Remote Devices

Mouthpiece Devices

This design is more stable than the latter, but it also uses more material.

Desk Wheels & Keyboard Mechanism

flickr:6205058610 flickr:6205058770
Ballcaster wheels that can be disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled. Reason for disassembly would be to clean wheels because current wheels are not sufficient anymore due to dirt build up.

Concept Evaluation

For Desk & Wheels:

Design Concept 1 Design Concept 2
Ease of use Poor Good
Maintenance Good Good
Safety Excellent Moderate
Simplicity Poor Good
Cost Moderate Moderate
Total Evaluation Moderate Good
Design Choice Design Concept 2

For Mouthpiece Mechanism:

Design Concept 1 Design Concept 2 Design Concept 3
Ease of use Good Moderate Good
Maintenance Good Good Good
Safety Excellent Excellent Excellent
Simplicity Moderate Good Moderate
Cost Good Good Good
Total Evaluation Moderate Good Good
Design Choice Design Concept 3

Design concept 2 chosen for Desk & Wheels.
Design concept 3 chosen for Mouthpiece Mechanism.
Design concept for Laptop & Mouse Devices was approved.

*For the sake of time, designs for phone and remote mounts will be cut.

Design Overview

Part Drawings



Laptop & Mouse Devices



Engineering analysis 1 - Tipping of Table


Engineering analysis 2 - Table Springs


Engineering analysis 3 - Tipping of Mouthpiece Mechanism


Bill of Materials

Part Purpose Supplier Size Qty. Price/part Total Price
Casters Wheels for Table Lowe's 2" 4 $4.28 $17.12
Steel Tubing Frame Billing's Crane 2" x 2" Sq. 20' N/A $53.00
Wood Table Top; Mouse Device; Mouthpiece Holder Shop N/A N/A
Screws Laptop/Mouse Devices Shop N/A N/A
Stain Mouthpiece Holder Lowe's 1 Qt 1 N/A $6.00
Formica Table Top Lowe's 4' x 8' N/A $57.00
Jack Stand Adjustable Table Height Oreilly's 2 Ton 2 $24.99 $27.30
Gas Springs Soften Table McMaster-Carr 15# 2 $14.25 $28.50
Tax: Tax Free
Total: $188.92

Implemented Design

Pictures of procedure and final products.