Motorized Sit And Spin

Group Members
Tucker Fritz
Korey Bowman
Lana Stekovic
Alex White


This machine is designed to give children with upper level limited body mobility the opportunity and capability to experience centrifugal forces and velocities without assistance from others. Our team has redesigned the conventional version of the children's "Sit N' Spin" to a custom version in which the user has complete control without any assistance and can be operated with ease. Our focus will be on functionality and simplicity for the best all purpose design to achieve a product that is safe and fun.

Design Specifications

All of the design criteria listed below are ones specifically requested by the user.

  • Safety is of the most Importance
  • User Friendly
  • Use Independently
  • Motorized
  • Adjustable
  • Compact
  • Electrically Operated

Design Concepts
All design concepts utilize similar parts and different ways of construction. They will all have a round board and a chair with backing to help support the user during operation. Also they will all have an A/C motor for operation and the use of a joystick for operation.

Chair is mounted to the round board with no vertical translation.

Concept Evaluation

Design Concept 1 Design Concept 2 Design Concept 3 Design Concept 4
Safety Excellent Moderate Moderate Good
Requirements met Poor Good Good Excellent
Ease of use Poor Good Good Good
Economic Cost Excellent Good Good Good
Simplicity Excellent Moderate Moderate Good
Total Evaluation Moderate Good Good Excellent
Design Choice Design Concept 4

As Shown from our comparison chart, Design Concept 4 is the design choice

Design Overview

Each of the following designs ential the following characterist summaries.
Design Concept 1 - The most simplistic design and easy of use, but does not have all the specified requirements for the user.
Design Concept 2 - A more sophistically complicated design that would be user friendly but is not a simple design.
Design Concept 3 - A similar design to Concept 2, utilizing a damping system and also a fourbar system.
Design Concept 4 - A simple fourbar system with the best all around design concept and specifications met.


Describe the three types of analysis performed on the design. Use equations and schematics as

Bill of Materials


Part Drawings

Assembly Instructions

Include as many descriptive pictures as possible.

Implemented Design

Include pictures of the final product.

Summary and Conclusions

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